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Can the children benefit from massage therapy? Let’s figure it out.

What’s the secret behind the belly massage?

Does belly massage help with stomachaches and other issues?

Why posture is so crucial for the overall body condition?

Why is poor spine condition so detrimental on other parts of the body?

Quality leisure on Mallorca – Mobile massage for different needs

Body massage is one of the best types of leisure you can get on Mallorca.

What is a traditional gua sha massage?

What exactly is ‘gua sha massage’ and why consider it?

What does it mean holistic massage?

It is believed that such jiggles create vibrations that pass through the whole body by waves, which in turn have a beneficial effect on the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems. This type of massage also helps to relieve stress.

Lifting massage

Perfect  remedy to have you face fresh and radiant!

The history of massage

How does massage appears and where? Who was a creator?

The truth about suncream

Does the sun cream is that necessary as we used to think? Does it healthy?

Recipes of healthy smoothies

We are happy to share with you our favorite recipes of the smoothies which are not only healthy but also the testy ones!