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What does it mean holistic massage?

It is believed that such jiggles create vibrations that pass through the whole body by waves, which in turn have a beneficial effect on the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems. This type of massage also helps to relieve stress.

Lifting massage

The main task for lifting massage is rejuvenation. It is destined to face skin. Affecting to epidermal cells according to special massage  lines there is ability to pull up skin without plastic surgery. It suppose to start in young age to keep the skin fresh and elastic for many years and move the process of consenescence.

The history of massage

The history of massage is known from the ancient times. It has all rights to be called as art, and was practicing for treatment through touching and massaging.

The truth about suncream

Does the sun cream is that necessary as we used to think? Does it healthy?

Recipes of healthy smoothies

We are happy to share with you our favorite recipes of the smoothies which are not only healthy but also the testy ones!

How to make a massage at home if you have no idea?

A few tips that can be useful if you would like to give a massage for the first time.

Why do we need trace minerals?

Not everyone knows how important trace minerals are for the human body.

Benefits of exfoliation treatment

The exfoliation process means the removal of dead skin cells from its surface. Dermatologists agree that this process significantly brightens up the skin. It has a positive effect on the absorption of various nutrients and also cleanses the skin.

The truth of the beauty and youth of the face

In today's world there are several ways to maintain beauty and youth. The first is artificial, which implies plastic surgery and the second is more enjoyable, as well as incomparably useful is following a healthy lifestyle.


Some rules for a perfect result

What is a real deep tissue massage?

Why people are so crazy about this massage and what effect does it give?