What is a traditional gua sha massage?

Gua sha is a massage procedure originating from the Chinese medicine. Like other components of the traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha is regarded as dubious in most parts of the globe. There are several reasons for it.

Firstly, the benefits of this therapy aren’t scientifically proven, whereas damage from it may be lasting if performed by an amateur. Secondly, in the course of it, sharp tools are used on patient’s body, much like during acupuncture. For a non-Asian, the process may seem disturbing.

How does gua sha work?

Gua sha is sometimes simply called ‘scraping’. The name derives from the movements utilized by the specialists who perform this form of massage. After the skin on patient’s back had been lubricated, the masseuse proceeds to scrape the upper layers of skin off of it.

No sharp instruments are used for the process. The tools usually include blunt and smooth-edged spoons, coins or other instruments for the more sophisticated approach. After the scraping is complete, the back is left with the bright red traces, which only redouble the fear of the practice when the potential customers see them.

It’s similar to the scrub procedure MYTIME has in stock. During it, the skin’s dead layer is removed, and the healthy cells are forced to regenerate. Scrub doesn’t affect muscles or leaves blood traces, however

The problems gua sha can cause

What’s bad about gua sha? As mentioned, the usefulness of this practice is a source of controversy. There is evidence that gua sha can cause the following problems:

  1. Burns;
  2. Lasting skin damage;
  3. The disturbance of blood circulation;
  4. Complete destruction of some crucial layers of the skin, causing patients to seek skin transplantation;
  5. Back pain

It’s encouraged to consult with the dermatologist about the damage gua sha can inflict if you aren’t certain your skin condition can withstand such an intervention. It’s also encouraged to only obtain this therapy from certified practitioners.

How effective is gua sha?

This procedure, of course, wouldn’t be practiced even in its homeland if it wasn’t effective. Like other forms of massage, gua sha is used to remove stiffness and soreness from the muscles. Specifically, it can increase blood flow into the injured or exhausted muscles, all the while extracting toxic components from the flow.

What are gua sha effects? The blood inflow usually results in better metabolism and faster muscle recovery. However, it doesn’t necessarily improve customer’s overall condition or relaxes him, unlike other massage procedures do.