Can the children benefit from massage therapy? Let’s figure it out.

Benefits of massage for kids

Massage is very useful for the harmonious development of a kid. This is a complex of rubbing, kneading, tapping and other rhythmic professional techniques with the goal of achieving therapeutic and general health-improving effects.


If your children like swimming, playing golf, playing tennis, horse riding or doing any other activities, sport massage at home in Mallorca will help to reduce the possibility of sprains and allow the body to rest and recover from training.


The therapy helps to decrease the stress level that may be imbalanced due to the school and social life. Relaxing massage will improve the quality of sleep, increase concentration and give more energy.

Health improvement

It’s important to know that massage is powerful for all children. The therapy helps to develop the child's motor skills, strengthen muscles, immune and nervous systems. This is a significant part of the successful back treatment. Scoliosis is the most common problem with the back of many kids.

Scoliosis massage is a useful technique that can treat back disease in children. Our professional masseurs will help your kid to balance the work of the back muscles, relieve the unpleasant sensation and pain.

What else do you need to know?

In addition to relieving nervous tension, massage therapy will improve the development of speech, thinking and imagination of children.

Special massage techniques with natural oils strengthen the immune system, improve appetite and academic performance.

The main point is that the massage should be done by a qualified specialist. MYTIME employs only professional certified massage therapists, who master all the techniques of therapeutic massage for children and adults, and a huge range of back and full body massages.

The duration of the procedure can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes in addition to the parent’s therapy anywhere in Mallorca.

Show your kids how to take care of their bodies at a young age.

How to order the procedure?

To book massage therapy, please contact us via WhatsApp messenger +34 601200060.