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If during your private boat trip you feel like dedicate sometime for your well-being we have something to offer.  Yacht massage service for yourself and family is the right thing to have.

A luxury massage under the awning, or under the sun, for you, as for any family member, will only be performed at a high-level thanks to the skill of an experienced masseuse. If you want to cheer up, recover, or have a procedure as part of your treatment, this is what you need. The massage is also good for relaxing the whole body and mind after a busy day. If you like to swim, rubbing in natural hypoallergenic oils will provide adequate protection from seawater and the necessary care for your skin.


Massage for the crew

Worked hard and now it's time for your deserved rest? Get rid of tiredness and discomfort in your back and legs. Order a massage by a personal mobile masseuse. It will help you recover your strength and energy for further travel.

A well-honed therapist's skill will help you relax and relieve stress. With the crew massage. It is possible to have a session for several people just leave a quick order via WhatsApp messenger.



Clients who choose a yacht massage service will have the opportunity to enjoy a fully personalized treatment at the same level as in the SPA centre. There is always a wide range of massages and facials to choose from, including massage of hands, feet, back, etc. If you want to get rid of fatigue or relieve stress that keeps you from sleeping, try some special relaxation and anti-stress programs for this purpose.

There is also a yacht facial service. Our beauty treatments(lifting massage and face care) on the list of available offers. As the face is very delicate, beautician will choose the best products according to your skin type and condition. Very high quality of luxurious French cosmetics that we use and the experienced therapist  guarantees the first class service.



The personnel of the yacht service Palma "MYTIME" are highly qualified experts with years of experience. Each of them has a certificate. No specially prepared places are required to perform the procedure. Therapists bring with them all the necessary equipment including a comfortable folding couch and towels.

If you have any special wishes or preferences, please let your masseuse know and she will do as you wish. The procedures are safe and clean. Equipment always pass the disinfection before use.


Quick service orders are possible via the WhatsApp messenger  +34601200060.

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