Recipes of healthy smoothies

Due to their useful properties, fruit and vegetable cocktails are very popular in today's world. This is not surprising, because they contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that can provide the body with useful minerals and vitamins for the whole day. In addition, the taste of such drinks is great, so it is really difficult to refuse.

Usually, there is no recipe for the perfect drink made from fruits and vegetables, because they almost all combine very well with each other, but if you want to get a certain group of minerals, you have to understand what a cocktail is made of.

There are no difficulties in their preparation, the main thing is to add as many ingredients as possible. It should also be remembered that only natural components should be added to a healthy cocktail. Before preparing super nutritious drinks, all fruits and vegetables should be washed very carefully in order to avoid accidental ingress of various rubbish. Here are some recipes for healthy cocktails:

Mango King
mango/yogurt/lemon/avocado/chia/ mint

Vitamin splash
orange juice/apple/celery/broccoli/avocado/linen seeds/curcuma/dill/parsley/nutmeg

Spicy lassi
kefir/cinnamon/ginger/clove/nutmeg/chili/orange peel

Fat born
broccoli/grapefruit/ linen seeds/dates

Pineapple/cucumber/celery/basil/lime juice

Fresh morning
Banana/apple/oat-flakes/mint/ basil or spinach

Tropical Mango-Rita
Spinach/coconut milk/orange/mango/pineapple/lime juice

Papaya kiss
Papaya/Ginger/lime/carrot juice/coconut milk/chia

The consumption of such mixtures, along with sports and body care treatments, will have an amazing rejuvenating effect. Order a professional mobile massage from certified specialists with MyTime service.