The truth about suncream

Food and Drug Administration, which is governmental agency subordinated to the Ministry of health USA made investigations of most popular sun protection creams in 2019. Experts made a conclusion that creams, which supposed to protect the skin, can penetrate inside the blood through epidermal level.

There is a question raised – what is better? To use suncream or not?

Staying in the Sun within long time without suncream leads to different diseases, which the most awful is a skin cancer. But from the other side abusing of suncreams leads to negative factors as well.

Suncreams, containing oxybenzol, are potential threat to endocrine system. One suppose to avoid these kinds of creams.

Sun protect filters in creams are divided into chemical and physical (mineral). Chemical filters works as consumers of sun rays and physical ones are reflectors. In the past years dermatologists recommend to use mineral suncreams, which contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. But physical filters have weaknesses as well. Zinc and titanium can white the skin because of it’s structure.


What is the difference between sunscreen cream and cream for tan?

Sunscreen contains numerous amount of filters, which are blocking the sun rays. Cream for tan consists of less sun protect filters, that can help to obtain a tan. But if the skin got even a little of tan, that means the skin didn’t get sun protection. If you got body scrub or exfoliating treatment, it's better to avoid straight sun rays or to use cream with blocking filters.

Some of the beaches has ban for using suncreams. Creams with chemical sun protect filters can penetrate into environment and make a harm for it through the water. In 2018 Hawaiian government put a block on using suncreams cause it is a factor, that destroys coral reefs. The most harmful object is already well-known oxybenzol.

Chemical filters are not bio-decomposed. It can get into nature from body with sunscreen through water and be kept there. And opposite, physical filters are bio-decomposed, that make it less harmful.

But even that artificial cannot substitute natural ever. It’s better to obtain natural sun rays,  just need to know the right time for that. Morning or evening is appropriate time for getting tan without creams. And a period of time spent on the beach should be squeezed to couple of hours.