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Villa / House massage service

The versatility of massage

Indulge yourself with a great massage by inviting a masseuse at home. Besides the fact that this service is very convenient, it is also useful.

Мassage service at home also a fantastic idea to please your loved ones. Massage is without exaggeration for everyone. Invite the therapist to your house to perform a massage for all the family. For children, these procedures have a positive effect on posture. In any case each member will receive a personalized different treat according their need.

The massage done today is your investment in well-being tomorrow. In the modern world it is very important to rest and devote time to the health of body and soothe the mind.

7 reasons why it is worth to order a villa massage service:

1.    It saves time.
2.    The choice of location.
3.    Individual treatment and treat.
4.    Independent choice of time for the procedure.
5.    Experienced therapists.
6.    High quality cosmetics and premium oils.
7.    Hygiene.

When a massage is needed ?

First of all you can order it for fun but if suddenly there is a feeling of discomfort in the back, neck, or extremities, it means that it is time for a massage. But that's not all. Here are a few reasons to order a treatment:

* The massage is an excellent recovery procedure, after playing golf or tennis.
* For weight loss and improving metabolism.
* After a long flight, for those who suffer from liquid retention or from an incorrect or uncomfortable position in an airplane.
* For those who recover from injuries like tensile sprains and fractures.
* If you suffer from insomnia or have problems with acclimatization.
* To ease muscle tension, the day after active training.
* To relieve chronic pain.
* For those who are under stress at work and have a sedentary lifestyle.
* For those who just take care of their health.

About specialists

Professional home massage service offers the massage only by certified therapists with years of experience. In the mobile massage service, all treatments are performed on a special portable couch, which is sterilized before use. Therapists are very attentive to the client's wishes and always try to meet the requirements as accurately as possible. World famous brand cosmetics and natural-based oils are used, including those which were made from plants grown in Mallorca. Any of the procedures are safe.

To place an order, please leave a request through the WhatsApp messenger.

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