What does it mean holistic massage?

Already many people all over the world know that through the impact on the body there is an impact on health, physical and even the emotional state of the person. One of the most common methods of such influence is massage. A huge variety of massage techniques allows to choose the appropriate procedure in accordance with the intensity, strength and expected effect depending on the individual characteristics of the person. The holistic massage is considered unique.

This technique was developed by an Israeli woman named Tovi Browning. This procedure is based on a fundamentally different method of shaking instead of classical massaging.

The holistic massage is a combination of preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation methods. It has a varied positive effects on the patient. The main movements in this type of therapy are the vibrations and wiggles of the body, produced by weak tremors with the therapist's hands. It is worth noting that a suitable massage rhythm is selected during the procedure.

When the holistic massage is useful?
Usually this procedure has many indications for use, but it is especially recommended when a person has signs of:

  • Insomnia.
  • Depression.
  • Weakening of the body's protective functions.
  • Stress.

This technique is also effective, in those moments when it is necessary to recover from strong emotional and physical stress. What is why we use this method as a basis of all our therapies.

In addition, this massage will be beneficial for women during pregnancy to relax their muscles and lift spirit.

It should be noted that in the case when a person has no contraindications for such procedures, holistic massage can be a great tool for recovery. This therapy can improve health, relieve nervous tension in muscles, and fully relax the body, that of course has a positive effect on the overall health of the person.