Lifting massage

The main task for lifting massage is rejuvenation. It is destined to face skin. Affecting to epidermal cells according to special massage  lines there is ability to pull up skin without plastic surgery. It suppose to start in young age to keep the skin fresh and elastic for many years and move the process of consenescence. To make lifting affect successful it should be systematic and grab a time. Appearance of skin improving by oxygen in skin cells, which is enriched by massaging, the movement of cells liquids is normalized and as a result – the tone of skin increases, collagen is stimulated to be produced.

There are some rules, that need to be followed to reach a perfect result in lifting massage. Process of massing should be done in comfort environment in room temperature. The face should be clean of dirt and sweat before lifting process. Massing oil must be used to relax the facial skin. It also can help to make an antiseptic influence on epidermis. Every part of face should be completed with proper massage acting.

Lifting massage is also divided into several methods. Amoung  them are: pinching, malaxation, rubbing,  strocking, knocking and clapping.

  • Pinching and malaxation is an accurate movement of slightly grabbing and releasing the skin, to arrange a pleasant warm.
  • Strocking is a relaxing circle movement. It suppose to calm derma down and prepare for the next levels.
  • Rubbing helps to enrich the skin with a blood and implementing by the sharp and strong movements of the fingers. The skin should became a little bit red.
  • Knocking and clapping is provided by the top of the fingers. With strong and short movement it slides along the whole face, smoothing out mimics wrinkles.

Lifting massage can be divided into some different ways or schools of massing art. It can be oriental, classic European, sculptural. You can interchange ways, using one after another.

Classic European massage starts with slight movement slowly preparing the skin for the main part of massaging. Oriental method is point on strong and sharp movements that can help to stress the skin and activate it’s own energetic.

Our service offers different ways of facial massage to rejuvenate your epidermis. The professional specialists will arrange an outstanding lifting massage just with the help of fingers. There is no obligation for you to use plastic surgery. Lifting massage is a better decision!