Why posture is so crucial for the overall body condition?

What problems does bad posture create? It’s quite known that posture is very important for the body, but the common conception of the magnitude of this importance is limited. An average person knows that bad bearing shows on the outside – mostly in shoulder and neck areas. But it’s not the only bad consequence of a crooked spine.

It can even affect such seemingly uninvolved areas like face and torso. That’s why it’s critical that you keep normal poses, take precautions and exercise. But even if the posture is already damaged, the victim can still fix it with the proper therapy, or at least negate the worse of the consequences.

How does posture affect your body?

What suffers from bad posture? Apart from common problems, like scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis, muscles and neural system also suffer from it. The muscles in your body and the nerves are interconnected.

That’s why spine deformation can also be a source of:

1. Pain. It’s obvious, pain is a dead giveaway that the spine is in uncomfortable position;

2. Increased stress, which comes from both discomfort and the nerves of the spine being put in unnatural position;

3. Headaches, also originating from nerves jamming;

4. Head lurching forward, which in itself can cause a domino effect resulting in the weakening of some muscles and strengthening of others, causing all sorts of discomfort and stress;

5.     Worse blood circulation. But this comes with the bad posture, not because of it;

6.     Fatigue.

Since the nerves are suffering, the face and virtually any other part of the body can also become a victim of the poor bearing.

The effects on the face and torso

After strokes, the nerves malfunction on the face causes it to become lopsided as if it is overly-relaxed. The same, but on a small scale, can happen because of spine deformation. The face can start to look dull and bored if the spine condition is truly poor.

The torso also suffers. The loin and the shoulder areas are obvious victims. Because of the muscles tightening there, however, and because of the head’s unnatural position, some muscles weaken, causing them to hang loosely, while others tighten, causing discomfort and stress.

How to cure poor posture?

Can poor posture be fixed? The condition can always be improved, if not fixed. For it, the muscles on the troubled area must be stimulated to return to their optimal condition. This way, they’ll drag the spine alongside them. This can be achieved by a set of special exercises or a few sessions of massage therapy. Either way, you should contact the specialist for consultations before you commence the fixing.