Quality leisure on Mallorca – Mobile massage for different needs

What to do on Mallorca? The resort has a lot to offer: beaches, sea, shopping, and active leisure. But of course, both the healthiest and the most productive form of leisure on Mallorca is by far a massage session. It’s one of the first things you ought to do once you’re here. And in this case, you don’t even need to go anywhere.

On this website, you can sign up for a unique form of massage on a sterile portable couch. However, it’s advisable to book the session on a villa or some other house with the great view. It’s an integral part of a proper therapy.

What’s so great about the massage at MYTIME?

Is booking a therapy massage a good idea? It is, if you book it at a villa. It’s also very convenient, for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s always the specialist who visits you, not the other way around – it requires very little effort on your part;
  2. All specialists are certified and experienced. There’s no risk for your health involved, something many spa salons can’t guarantee;
  3. It’s an effective way to improve the well-being. And since coming to Mallorca is often associated with health-bettering, it coincides perfectly with most vacation plans

Various types of therapy

What types of massage are there? This company can offer you several options designed for various needs and circumstances. Here’s a few of the most requested types of massage, and how much they cost:

  • Deep tissue massage. This form of therapy is designed to restore the flexibility of the muscles and to ease the tension after exercises or simply lack of movement. It’s a pleasant type of leisure performed by pressing movement and deep massaging, and it’s completely safe. The price is 110€ per hour;
  • Wellness massage is designed to rid the customer of stress and pain provided by a skilled professional and high-class oils and cosmetics. The price is 99 per hour;
  • Relaxing massage is the type of therapy designed to relieve stress and bring the relaxation instead. It’s great for people who feel out-of-place, overworked and unmotivated. After the session, all these feeling will be gone. The price is 99€ per hour

Which massage to pick?

For the session, you should pick an approach that seems like the best remedy for you specifically. All types of massage, however, bring relaxation, muscle flexibility and joy. Not to mention that all sessions are tailored specifically for the customer – the expert will first ask what pains you the most, and then proceed to drive away the pain.

Is getting massage worth it? Yes, in today’s world, most people need a massage session. And if you find yourself on Mallorca, you can count yourself lucky – here, MYTIME can give you a specifically tailored villa massage at any time.