How to make a massage at home if you have no idea?

Massage is a procedure that involves measured physical impact on a person's body surface. This kind of therapy on a professional level is performed with the hands. In general massage, the whole body is usually massaged. Local massages are performed on the back, neck and arms. Its main types are divided into three different types. They are sports, health-improving and cosmetic massage. It has a good effect on human health and makes better:

  • Immunity of the organism.
  • Firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.
  • Blood flow and circulation in the lymphatic system.
  • The work of sweat and sebaceous glands.
  • Psycho-emotional state.
  • The work of the CNS, also calms it down.
  • Skin sensitivity.
  • Metabolic processes.
  • Muscle condition.

Massage has the strongest effect on muscles. Depending on which techniques are used during the procedure, it allows relaxing the muscles that are tightened and restoring their flexibility, softness and elasticity, as well as relieving fatigue and pain.

Massage also brings significant benefits to the blood system. During good therapy, the right rhythm of breathing is restored. Massage stimulates the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, increases blood circulation, processes responsible for the saturation of the brain with oxygen, strengthens the human immune system. At the end of the procedure sebaceous and sweat glands work more actively. It is also worth mentioning that the process of natural moisturizing of the skin starts to go better, accelerating the process of cleansing and moisturizing.

Experts advices

Although the massage is useful, it is not recommended for an inexperienced person to do it himself as it can lead to traumas. In case there is still a great desire to try yourself as a masseur, here are a few recommendations from professionals:

  1. You should not put too much pressure on the spine and other bones.
  2. The direction of massage should be from the extremities to the body, on the abdomen in a clockwise direction.
  3. It is advisable to use special natural oils or creams.
  4. The movements should be smooth.
  5. The person who gives a massage should have a comfortable position and in general feel comfortable.

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