Benefits of exfoliation treatment

The exfoliation process means the removal of dead skin cells from its surface. Dermatologists agree that this process significantly brightens up the skin. It has a positive effect on the absorption of various nutrients and also cleanses the skin.

Necessary and useful
Human skin shed old cells and is completely renewed approximately once in 30 days. But it can happen that they do not fall off completely, that sometimes leads to clogged pores and other unpleasant consequences. Exfoliation helps to clean up blocked pores and also contributes to the healing of the epidermis.


Is it worth doing exfoliation?
This procedure can be considered as the key to maintaining healthy skin. Because the epidermis is constantly renewed, the flakes present on it are discarded. Over time, this process slows down, causing dry, coarser and duller skin. Exfoliation recreates the natural renewal process artificially and thus the natural saturation process begins to work with the same strength. The colour of the skin becomes lighter, pores are cleaned, pimples are reduced and even small wrinkles are smoothed out. After the exfoliation process, the epidermis also becomes softer and more moisturised.

Methods of purification
A variety of cleaning methods are available, including mechanical and chemical peels, use of retinol as well as enzymes and peptides. Each of these words may sound scary and immediately seem painful, but they are usually perfectly safe and painless. The main thing is, of course, to choose a good exfoliation treatment, which will not be excessively effective and will not cause inflammation and irritation. In order to avoid mistakes, it is recommended to seek professional help.